beloit college :beloit fund brain quiz

Good job Jamey and Dave! I like the quiz. Your stuff is so amazing…I have always been impressed, even back at Beloit when we were using the little macs!

Forwarded to Vicky Herman, The Beloit Fund Team, from an Alum through the online quiz

beloitquizTest your Brainpower! Our fun online quiz, specific to Beloit, might help you understand which side of the brain powers you.

This online quiz was be based on a mail campaign drawing people to the Alumni website. We created an online quiz using Flash that asks 4-5 sets of Beloit related questions to “calculate” whether you are left are right brain. When the user answered all the questions, a results page commented if the user (based on the users answers) is right or left brained. This campaign was a success as online gifts to the college increased during the run of the quiz.