beloit college alumni association: interactive

The City: Beloit, Wisconsin
The Place: Beloit College Alumni Office
The Problem: Website Design
The Solution: Your Plan B

Several months ago walked into our life. Since that chance encounter we have gained an interesting and interactive home page. The process from idea to implementation was painless and fun. Considering few of us in our office are experienced in web design or web maintenance, this is very high praise for David and Jamey. We will continue to look to for guidance as we attempt to reach more alumni, in new and exciting ways.

The Beloit College Alumni Office

Both JameyB and DavidB are proud alums of Beloit College, so when the alumni association tracked us down and asked for our expertise, we had to say yes. We delivered a system of online polls that allowed them to collect valuable feedback. That made them happy, but being able to automatically refresh the polls every two weeks without any technical know-how made them happier.