The art of knowing who you are and your full potential is through finding balance in all aspects of your inner and outer self.  The mission of Beauty & Balance is to inspire our guests’ natural beauty through the services and products that we provide.

With every project we ask – “Do you have updated content?”  “How about photos?” Working with the team at Beauty and Balance was such a treat because not only did they have their content revised and ready to go right on time, they scheduled a photoshoot so there were new, great photos to showcase their work!  (take a look at the gallery to see the final photos and some behind-the-scenes) is a WordPress website, allowing the creative crew at the salon to login to an easy to use browser based admin tool to keep their site as up-to-date as their hair design talents.  We can’t be more proud of this wonderful collaboration!

If your site needs a refresh, feel free to contact us today!

(If you hair needs a refresh, call Beauty and Balance to schedule an appointment!)