B-HIVE webenabled.com

Over the years we have had a chance to work with some exceptional talents! Many of which we now call friends. In the spirit of sharing, we wanted to highlight a few here on our blog.

webenabled.com for your instant development platform needs

As the popularity of CMS web sites grew in our office, we quickly learned we needed an offsite location for development, staging and sometimes a client sandbox version of sites. Webenabled came highly recommended and two years later we are smitten.

Not only is it easy to set up and get going, it makes helping our clients even easier with a sandbox for them to learn or try Drupal edits before making them on their live site! And once, we had the better backup when a site went down, thanks to the duplicate copy.

Webenabled pricing is very reasonable. And their Online Tech Support is great! Go take a look!