amphion productions: web

E-mail from Amphion regarding her site launch

Congratulations !!! The web site is incredible!! There was a lot of work put into the graphics and scripting of the pages — you got your money’s worth for sure. Sherrill Adams, Grandma Franks Catering, Los Angeles

This looks sooo good. Great job!!!Hope Kavoosi, San Francisco

I was definitely impressed by the web site – good look, good information.

Thanks for alerting me to it. Rich Wolter, Word of Mouth Communications, Chicago

Congratulations! Great web site. Easy to navigate. Lots of good things about you and your work. Hope you get a million visitors a day! Dan Bassill, Cabrini Connections, Chicago

It looks so fantastic. I have no words to tell how proud I am. I am finishing this note so I can e-mail my friends about it. Great, great, great….Pilar Coover (my mother)

Brilliant web site! Smart, evocative, and easy to navigate. Who’s your webmaster? I want to have a public face like that! Robert Coover (my father)

I think the site looks great myself! Thanks again for all the hard work.


Amphion was starting from scratch when they came to YPBCo. looking for print materials. But before we cranked up the design work, we showed them how building print and web all at once would save on the bottom line. Do the work once. Re-use again and again.