A little preparation can go a long way to be ready for meetings

“Professionalism matters.”

For me, I like to have 10 minutes before a meeting to refresh my memory for the upcoming meeting. A moment to review my last meeting notes, check the client website to see what’s new, get my notes out and ready, silence my cell phone and clear my screen of other work. This way I can jump right into the meeting without asking for others to “wait while I get my notes”. Not only does taking some time for yourself to refresh your memory work wonders, but it also slows down the daily rushed feeling and more importantly, helps you listen better. Your client will thank you for not wasting anyone’s time in the meeting or on the call!

I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked on a call to:

“Wait, I need to find my notes”
“When did we last meet?”
“Hold on – I need to take this call”
“Give me a minute”
“Sorry I am late”

Please don’t be the one on the team that asks everyone to be patient for your lack of time management. Instead be the person on the team who is ready, refreshed and asking the good questions to make the project a success!

There are great tools and resources out there to help you be better prepared for meetings. Find one that fits your workflow. I am a big fan of Google Docs, Basecamp and good old fashion pen + paper 🙂 What tools do you find helpful?

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